Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vote NO on the ATA Tax Part II

Helpful information from Anonymous, February 2, 2008 at 8:49 p.m. Light Rail Citizen Task Force....building on your reasons to defeat the ATA 3/8 cent sales tax. Could it be the Council of Nine doesn't like citizen task forces? Remember how they drew the line in the sand, early on, to prevent the mayor from appointing a "citizen task force" for studying TIF? They didn't think citizens were as smart as they are. Their campaign promises must have been made in secret to the big money developers. VOTE NO on ATA tax!

I understand those of you are concerned about the less-advantaged in KC and their reliance on ATA. However, let's lay it on the City Council and the Mayor. Not enough people are concerned about what they are doing to the less-advantaged citizens. Nothing has been accomplished in the last year except, YES, renewal of the PIAC tax. The Mayor and all of the councilmembers took the success of this ballot issue as a mandate that they are doing an exemplary job.

This is by far the worst City Council in modern history. They are following the most corrupt city manager of all time. I am not giving them another win.


Anonymous said...

How do you plan to organize this anti-tax campaign?

Calling Mark Esping!!

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to ATA tax but didn't know where to post: Numerous CIMO employees are in receipt of summons/notices to give depositions relating to the appeal of a certain high level CIMO manager that was fired (to be WC's scapegoat???) resulting in the tens of thousands tax-payer dollars being spent on stepped of security. Perhaps other readers can provide more detail.

Anonymous said...

Better yet call Yael - I think he's going to take care of the anti-tax for us - GO YAEL!