Friday, December 28, 2007

Help Wanted -- PLEASE!

It is common knowledge that Cauthen has been looking, desperately, for a job for at least two years. Why won't anyone hire him? Participate in the poll; you can vote for multiple reasons. Maybe we should wrap it up, put a big ribbon on it, and offer it as a late Christmas gift to the Boss.


Garden Party Skunk said...

I think Cauthen's out-priced himself - most municipalities are looking at belt-tightening.
1. he has a high price tag
2. he has only worked in a free-wheeling spending environment and bailed before he had to exercise fiscal constraint
3. He'll fail the "Google" test - unless of course the Funkettes have clones out there who do not check out credentials of those they empower
So we must help repackage him - all of you with marketing and advertising experience - here's your chance to market off the 'sow's ear as a silk purse to some unsuspecting municipality

Anonymous said...

Sadly, and embarrassingly, we continue to pay...even raise...what most other cities are too smart to shell out. Especially to someone who does not have a professional Administrator's education and experience. The same goes for his hiring of professional senior managers...because of the climate he has created, there are not many truly qualified who want to work for this administration. Thus, he continues to fill positions from the Denver area.

And don't kid yourselves, word is out on the circuit about KC and how and why it got to where it is now financially.

Anonymous said...

In an effort to TTT I must express my dissatisfaction with your poll choices.

1) Yes, Cauthen is overpaid but that didn't stop KC (via the 9 Nimcompoops) from paying his price thus making this City look like fools, which, as it turns out, we are for having elected the 9 to represent us;

2) Yes, Cauthen is incompetent and mean but that didn't stop KC (via the 9 Nimcompoops) from contracting with him for 3.5 more years, knowing he was responsible for numerous unscrupulous activities under his first contract term, thus, committing us to further our liabilities and propel us deeper into debt with probable financial ruination for decades to come;

3) Unfortunately, what comes out of his mouth is worse than just your everyday bad breath. Cauthen apparently studied at the Slick Willy School of Lies and Deception because, admittedly, he has duped many KCMO residents;


4) We all know his passion is not for Kansas City, not when he channels our big money projects to his out of town cronies, not when his SOP is to "spend us to financial success", not when he escapes most weekends to one of his 2 homes in other states, not when he takes every opportunity to attend out of town events and saddle taxpayers with the bill, and not when he hasn't saw fit to invest in a home in our City. (BTW, isn't it a requirement that employees' primary residence be within our City limits? Which is primary, an owned or a rented home?)

I've gone back to the poll numerous times and closed it without making a choice because none, nor all your choices express my belief that Cauthen is not fit for employment as a City Manager for any City, especially our City.

Fools. That's how the outside world views us. And frankly, that's what we are for electing the 9.

Admittedly, because I voted for 4 of the 9 Nimcompoops, I am probably chief among the fools.