Saturday, December 22, 2007

Since when?

Since when does an employee, who has admittedly misused public property to generate and distribute inappropriate material, get three weeks to resign? Collect another $6,000 of our tax dollars? Has anyone else in the same situation been provided the same breaks?

Will this Assistant City Manager still have access to confidential records about other employees? Will this person still have access to the City Hall computer system?

Is this problem bigger than this one person? (I can't imagine that a person sends nastigrams only to themselves?) Is there an investigation going on about that?

Why did the City Manager allow this to go on for over six months? He speaks as if this matter was just presented to him.

Why doesn't our City Council care? Maybe we should have their computers checked?


Anonymous said...

Never. Everyone I have heard of has left the same day. Action happened immediately, either voluntary or involuntary termination. I know of one co-worker who had a risque screensaver (kind of a pin up girl thing) and he was gone that day.

Garden Party Skunk said...

Unless, of course the person works for Parks & Recreation and then they have all kinds of excuses as to why someone with something like5,000 links to porn sites - is of course the victim, and gets to continue to get a paycheck.
But then again, P&R gets to make up the rules as they go along - depending upon who they are, who they're related to, etc.

Anonymous said...

I guess that all of the accusations that this was allowed to go on because of this person's special relationship with Cauthen are bs?

Anonymous said...

Unless, of course, the person really isn't guilty of the salacious accusations that have been leveled against them. She has resigned. Let it go. You got what you wanted.

City Hall Diogenes said...

She still works there until January 11, collecting taxpayer dollars ($108,000 yr) for WHAT? Show me another employee who could pull this off!!

In the meantime, her office is all cleaned out. We all saw that on Channel 9. What is it we are paying her to do? Oh, wait a minute, what has she been paid for the last four plus years? The charade is just over.

It appears to be a way to give her a nice little bonus on her way out.

She admitted on Channel 9 and in the Falling Star that she had committed what is a terminable act.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a bunch of disgruntled nonesense coming from the bowels of CH. You clowns better get back to work or I'll come down and stick my foot up your arse.

Anonymous said...

as a former employee my own opinon of the city manager is that former mayor barnes hired wayne to be her hatchman and do her dirty work. but unbeknown to the taxpayer that wayne bought people from denver and put them into high paying jobs. when was the last time anyone has heard that a major city has hire a city manager with no experience at a salary of 200,000 plus not bad for a first time job. then as this council has voted to extend his contract for 3 years and provides a 10,000 dollar raise and he accepts this when he has employees who currently getting food stamps and struggle with a 3 to 4 % raise plus paying all those denver people moving and living expense where is the auditor at and why hasnt he checked this out but no they woulld rather claim that it is racist and not the true facts

Anonymous said...

Cauthen accomplished exactly what Mayor Barnes wanted. Now we have a different Mayor with a different of healing the "troops" and returning to fiscal stability. These goals will take a Manager with complete opposite "skills" than Cauthen...both people/management skills and a desire to take care of basic services and regain citizen confidence and satisfaction with meeting the needs of neighborhoods...all neighborhoods.

Of course there are going to be cries of racism..that is the ONLY thing they can hang their hat on since there is a difference in color of skin...but it is a hollow claim because it has zero to do with race...and those in the eye of the current storm know this to be true...the rest of the community is being agitated by the same ole sames who are afraid of losing their little base of power.

It is a performance issue....exaggerated by flexing of egos and power struggles within the particular the new members. They operate on emotion and paranoia ratcheted up by one or two other council people who are veterans and experts at manipulation.

There is absolutely no way we will make change as long as Cauthen is Manager...his loyalists will not let it happen for Funkhouser, as long as Cauthen is here.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take this time to thank the warriors of Not Ready For Prime Buzz. Continue to tell the truth. The Star has fallen because look at them! They have been deep in the pockets of City Hall themselves for decades! The wonderful thing about y'all is we are made aware of the problems at least. Instead of hearing them through the so-called media. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

LT was going to become vested in 2008. I bet she cut a deal...and there goes more of our city money.

Anonymous said...

I think it is high time we have a complete and thorough investigation of all City employees and their computer hard drives. I have no doubt an investigation will flush out a good many porn lovers at City Hall. Now wouldn't that be a nice story?