Saturday, December 22, 2007

What now?

We all looked forward to this new council taking office. May 1, 2007 was going to be the day we were all freed. Funkhouser had promised to move Cauthen back to Denver or at least out of City Hall. I thought this new council had promise, didn't we all?

Here we are --
Funkhouser, only momentarily and too late, had the strength to take on Cauthen. He has backed down and appears to very willing to let Cauthen continue to pillage for the next three plus years. What a disappointment.

Skaggs, don't you think he is starting to look like Funkhouser?

Hermann, her heart might be in the right place but she is just not effective.

Johnson, he'll get another degree and then think about it some more.

Ford, thinks he'll be the next Mayor and will sell his mother, wife, and daughter to do it. Poor Ed, he has lost his way.

Curls, Brooks, Gottstein, did we ever expect anything?

Circo, wow, what a dumb broad!

Marcason, she taking sign ups for the City Hall Pep Club. She doesn't quite know why but she is pepped up!

Sharp, He is a clone of Ed Ford, only meaner.

Riley, Has the indictment come down yet?

Jolly, we have a great deal of sympathy and concern for her health problems but she is also a disappointment. It sounds like her aide may have already had enough of her behavior. Can we set the City Hall sound system so it won't pick up her high pitched whine?

Cauthen is laughing at this Mayor and Council.

We thought the Employee Satisfaction Survey might send a loud message but Cauthen has buried the results of that.

What is next? A walk out? A slow down might be more subtle and effective.


Anonymous said...

1. Resigned under pressure -- Cauthen's first sacrifice for the Perfect Output mess.
Witness Protection Program -- fearful of being the second sacrifice.

2. Enrolled in IT for Dummies at Penn Valley.

3. No, but she will.

4. Cauthen killed SafeCities.

5. Water Dept.
HDR via Parks
Dunno -- California maybe.
Aviation Director was the only one really fired. He wouldn't keep Cauthen's commercial flight from leaving when Cauthen was late.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Output should be heard in F&A on January 2. I hear that Cauthen looks real bad. There should be a little fallout from this audit, even with this council.

Anonymous said...

Curious that you have such disdain for the council. Buyer's remorse? Who among all the candidates would you have rather seen elected?

Anonymous said...

how about some people with some business sense. That would be nice. Real world experience. Nothing against not for profit but neighborhood leaders and nfp types wont move the needle

Anonymous said...

7:07 (De Plane? De Plane?) ;)
Please tell us more about the firing of the Aviation Director... because he wouldn't hold up the commercial flight for THE Wayne Cauthen? OMG! Didn't the Aviation Director know who he is?

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the following posts from the NRFPB?

anonymous said...
Can we recall the City Manager?

December 18, 2007 6:32 PM

anonymous said...
Can't recall CM but you can gather enough signatures to force the City to put the ordinance authorizing the 3.5 year contract to a vote. The red bridge folks were going to do that if the Chuck Eddy (so glad he's gone) condemnation ordinance passed.

December 19, 2007 11:55 AM

I think anonymous 11:55 had a great idea that could make a way to get things back on track. The Mayor has been beaten down, mercilessly, by those terrorist thugs and the "council of 9" and will never have the opportunity to accomplish his goals without a major redirection. The suggested petition drive might be the chance to give him back the opportunity he deserves.

The terrorist thugs and the "council of 9" did not notify the majority voters of, or invite any of us to their organized, premeditated ambush on Funkhouser. What you saw and heard then was a select group that claimed to speak for "we the people". Freedom Inc. with its less that honorable history? Carol Coe, isn't she a felon? Mostly black clergy? (We all know there are quacks, radicals, liberals, be they red- white- black- or brown-skinned human beings, that selectively write their own Bible and make claim to Christendom.) And union leaders? (they who reward the lowest common denominator the same as they reward the best workers. What do they know about judging performance?) This gang of terrorist thugs did not speak for me and they probably didn't speak for the majority of regular folks! They besmirched the halls of our government with their gang attack on the position of mayor thus setting precedent for treatment of all future mayors of our City.

Such petition and such a vote would finally give the majority voters who elected Funkhouser a chance to rebut the gang's misguided campaign for Wayne.

Obviously, a current City employee would not want to head up the petition drive to "force the City to put the ordinance authorizing the 3.5 year contract to a vote" so we need a civilian to step forward. Please, readers, answer the call to lead the charge with such a petition, or if you know a citizen that would do so, please enlist their service. All bullied City employees would be eternally grateful.

Anonymous said...

Bullied city workers must help. They are the only ones with first hand accounts of the corruption and abuse.

Protect your identity and speak out!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12/16/2007 at 5:52 p.m.

Buyers remorse? You bet, I am disgusted by most of them.

Did anyone else attend the forum at Hickman Mills HS? Every candidate spoke very strongly about a change needed at the top at City Hall. They would "demand" more accountability. They would "demand" a Housing program.

John Sharp and Ed Ford were insulting to the past council. "How could they let things get so out of control?"

Let's have a mock do-over. My votes in the contested races in the general election:
Mayor Mark Funkhouser
2nd Russ Johnson
3rd at large Dee Williams
4th at large Doug Gamble
5th at large Michael Brooks
6th Darrell Curls
6th at large Kevin McShane

Anonymous said...

Yes please lets have a petition on the city manager's contract. I'd love to see the outcome of that.

Anonymous said...

Once again, another disgruntled City Hall employee with little or nothing to do all day but blog, blog, blog... get back to work. Garden Party Skunk tried to get the good old boys and girls all fired up and his blog is about to crater.

Anonymous said...

rexruther, surely you see humor in that you are reading a posting on a blog you hope fails?