Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missing in Action or Dead on Arrival

Where did the second in command of Purchasing go? For that matter, I haven't seen the Director of Purchasing for over a week.

Where is the new IT Director? Hasn't he relocated from Denver yet? I have tried to meet with him twice.

Has Hinsvark gotten her fat check?

Where did SafeCities go?

What ever happened to the four people "fired" by Cauthen in 2003?


Anonymous said...

1. Resigned under pressure -- Cauthen's first sacrifice for the Perfect Output mess.
Witness Protection Program -- fearful of being the second sacrifice.

2. Enrolled in IT for Dummies at Penn Valley.

3. No, but she will.

4. Cauthen killed SafeCities.

5. Water Dept.
HDR via Parks
Dunno -- California maybe.
Aviation Director was the only one really fired. He wouldn't keep Cauthen's commercial flight from leaving when Cauthen was late.

Anonymous said...

2. Rumor has it he is to busy surfing the net.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he doesn't have the same internet habits as the dethroned ACM.

Anonymous said...

They both spent time in Denver and are alleged friends of Cauthen. So.......