Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can't wait!

Everyone in City Hall was watching the Finance & Audit Committee meeting. I only got to catch pieces of it, I had a lot of work to catch up on. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get anyone to answer a phone or an e-mail. Later, many told me they were busy -- watching the Finance and Audit Committee meeting. So far, the reviews are good. Cauthen was sweating, not enough, but he was sweating. You will hear more from me after I have a chance to watch it. In the meantime enjoy this interesting post from someone who did watch it. Wonder if we have any microwave popcorn?

I was watching the Finance and Audit committee meeting today. I am wondering why Jan Marcason is so very weak. According to the latest "RFP Audit" city staff and one unnamed sitting council member MAY have interfered with the bidding process. Our poorly performing elected official wanted to get past the audit and "move forward" Huh?? Perfect Output was also on the hot seat. Their attorney Janet Blauvelt (SP?) was nearly in tears trying to distance her clients from this money mess. This very same attorney once ran for 4th district. Man we dodged that bullet.... only to be shot at by Marcason. Sure I can throw Gottstein in the mix, but she looks so mentally fragile I can't do it. At the Infrastructure committee Marcason again showed how ridiculous she is by saying that she would feel uneasy to sit on a proposal selection committee. She would not want her name ending up in an audit. What??? Dealing with contracts is the bulk of a council member's work. If you are uneasy doing your job then resign today. I do not think that the auditors report will be forwarded to the Missouri Ethic's Commission. I do not see a majority of the council having the sense to do so. This is not a hard decision to make. The auditors office is standing by it's work. It will take an average citizen to do the work of these weak kneed blathers. Meanwhile, we continue to try to build alliances with our surrounding cities. Why should they join us in anything regional when we refuse to clean up our messes?from PrimeBuzz


Anonymous said...

And nothing in the fallen star about this issue, not even prime buzz. I wish I was surprised that this was not reported.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to the continuation of the subject in Transportation and Infrastructure. Jan is just a sniveling fool. She doesn't want to be on a selection committee if she's going to be targeted (I suppose she's referring to the corrupt council person mentioned in this audit). First of all, the council person in question was NOT on the selection committee, but everyone on T&I acted as if he was on the selection committee. He wasn't "targeted," because he was on the selection committee and it looked bad. He was in the audit because it was apparent that he had INTERFERED in the process - which is a WHOLE LOT different than serving on a committee and opening yourself up to others having a bad perception. Yes, there are selection committees that include council persons, and if this had been the case, and he was on that committee, perhaps the auditor wouldn't have called it INTERFERENCE!!! I am so sick of this council not understanding ANYTHING! Why did they run for an office that they knew nothing about. They could have/should have been watching these meetings on the web as homework while they campaigned to serve, not jump in and THEN try to figure out what their role for the City is. They are on the slowest learning curve I have ever seen.

G-d bless you Hermann, you have to drag a whole lot of dead weight around that council!!!! Kudos to Councilman Johnson (Finance & Audit) today for listening and understanding what was going on. The other three looked like they hadn't a clue what was going on around them. Marcason, Gottstein, Sanders-Brooks, Curls - PLEASE - DO SOME HOMEWORK AND LEARN YOUR JOBS and for goodness sakes Marcason - stop your sniveling around, it's obnoxious! I have to agree with an earlier post - I would pick on Gottstein more, but honestly, she sounds mentally unstable and I don't pick on the mentally afflicted.

Anonymous said...

The Womens Political Causus succeeded in getting a bunch of people elected that have no pratical, real life experience. Is there anyone on the committee that you would want on a legitimate board of directors for a for profit company? Neighborhood activist make terrible govt officals.

Anonymous said...

I am dying - just heard Hermann tell Cauthen that she would hate to work for him because when things were going good he was taking credit, but when things went bad he blamed it on his staff!! (Much more funny to see than to explain - you've got to watch it!) Wonder if he's putting this little piece of corruption on his resume like he did the revitalization of downtown!! Apparently he did downtown himself, whereas his staff did the corrupt RFP dealings!!! What a laugh, I can go to bed snickering now.

Anonymous said...

"Neighborhood activist make terrible govt officals."

Please don't call Marcason or Gottstein neighborhood activists. Neither one so much as attended a neighborhood meeting until they decided to run. Both of them are non-profit B players who live in gated condos.

You elected them Kansas City. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Deb Hermann was a neighborhood activist, still is. Gottstein and Marcason never did a real day's worth of work or volunteered on any neighborhood issue. Kowtowing to those whom you deem higher than you is not real work, just a sad time filler.
But regarding the RFP AUDIT. Cauthen has set the staff up to take his fall. He has avoided signing his name to any directive. You will not find any e-mail sent to staff to push this dead dog through. All was done verbally or through some one else on his staff. This is most pronounced in the Perfect Output-Mary Redmond contract fiasco. He continues to try to hang this mess on legal and finance. His brutal mean streak comes into play when he forces staff to do things that he is unwilling to put his name to. BUT it is his job as City Manager to take all of the blame and all of the repercussions. Does any one seriously think that the current city hall employees involved would do this crap on their own? What would be the pay off? No. Cauthen's blatant viciousness is on full display for those of us watching from outside City Hall.
The only true thing he said was --- Mary Redmond was hired to write a RFP for Perfect Output-- then he corrected himself and said the RFP was for document management. Some slip of the tongue!
Council members please do not take insider sides. Stand with the public. We want good government. Forward all related materials to the Municipal Ethics Commission. If this step is too controversial for you then you are not qualified to be a city council member. Resign today.