Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some red wine with my crow, please.

Haleluhah! Check out this mornings Opinion page. For the first time, Cauthen gets slapped -- not hard but he ought to be stinging a little. I never thought that I would see the Falling Star mention Cauthen's name in anything but glowing terms.
White’s detailed audit exposed a problem and laid the responsibility where it belongs: on Cauthen’s doorstep. The city manager is responsible for making sure his staff establishes and follows clear guidelines to select contractors. The council ought to make sure he does just that.

I watched some of yesterday's Finance & Audit Committee meeting, couldn't get through it all. The committee meeting is 3 hours long! Johnson had some great comments on the budget process. That guy is starting to grow on me. I am going to try to get my hands on some of the documents today and will return.


Anonymous said...

No Way - the star dissed Wayne???? Uh oh, your little empire is starting to crumble WC. I think I hear the rumble of the walls tumblin' down!

Hope he does his homework before next week's F&A committee or he'll get another public spanking! Go ahead, blame it on the staff, the Star even nailed you on that lame excuse! Everyone knows staff does EXACTLY what you demand that they do.

Anonymous said...

So the Falling Star believes "Cauthen’s written response to White’s audit was inadequate."

How about the no-shows, the full frontal snubs to Council, deliver monthly reports as required by ordinance? Is that inadequate? Apparently not or Kansas City's illustrious sole source newspaper would have reported it, right?

I wonder if her highness Kay Waldo Cronkite Barnes, the ex $40 an hour home sex therapist, has received any campaign contributions from any Perfect Output players.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find it on but Kay's donor list is a who's who of TIF.

George Birt
Henry Block
the White Goss Powerhouse (Jim Bowers, Harold Goss, Aaron March, Dale Schulte, Mike White)
Mike Burke (little cheap at King Hershey)
Jon Copaken (and wife)
Mark Ernst
Charles Garney
Patty Garney (where's Ann's money?)
Ron Jury
Tim Kristl
Tom McDonnell
John McNeel (the Andrews check must be in the mail)
James Polsinelli

Anonymous said...

leavewaynealone - I'm not sure I get your point (besides that you don't like tifs - but that's another debate for another day). Is your point in any way related to your name - Leave Wayne Alone? Why does everything smelly around Wayne get a distraction thrown in? You point the finger at him and his supporters jump through hoops to point their fingers at staff, at the mayor, at the TIF developers. It is truly amazing. If he is so great, then let's stay focused and tell us why this audit shows malfeasance that was not his fault. I don't mind to debate any topic you want - but when you choose a topic stay with it and follow it through. Distractions just show you to be a loser who lost yet another case.