Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whoa! What a week!

Sorry that I have been absent so long.

I had to remove a post about LT reigning as Acting. Someone sent in a comment that was inappropriate in my eyes. It named the "high level staff person" under investigation for child molestation. I thought I could just edit the comment but ended up deleting the whole thing. I am learning.

By now, all of City Hall knows who the person is. I still don't feel comfortable outing the person. Why? I think that is something that Wayne Cauthen would do and enjoy, if it suited his purposes or got him attention. The time will come if the person is charged for all of us, me included, to damn the lowlife but everyone has a right to due process, even those guilty of the worst crimes imaginable.

I have had comments come into this blog that this same person (the alledged child molester) who heads a very important division and is a direct report to Cauthen has numerous people working under them who have been found to frequent porn sites on City computers. Once again, nothing is happening. Of course since nothing happened to LT, I am not sure that anything can be done. City Hall can just be a free-for-all of pornography, sexist and racist jokes, political messages, and slandering of public officials. It is okay for Wayne's World.

Although I am not surprised, I am totally depressed that Cauthen didn't get the job in Austin. It truly will be Wayne's World now. Where are the audits? Someone sent in a comment that Buckler did get interim in Water. I guess the announcement was only sent to Water employees. Why? Look for Water to be CIMOized.

Get a load of Cauthen's resume for the job in Austin. It is such total bs. I can't stop laughing.


Unknown said...

I don't think it will be totally Waynes world; he's obviously looking and he played the victim card if the article in the Austin newspaper is any indicator - he just needs a job; he humiliated his champion Ed Ford with the Austin thing - unless he can tap dance his way out of that the Shanghai 9 should have their guard up against Wayne. The truly unfortunate thing is - it gives him more time to pillage the coffers, jack with another budget and make more appointments/hires.

I think we do focus on the Councilmembers; it would be helpful if more of the general public and neighborhood leadership was aware of the struggle within and they can help bring pressure to the councilmembers.

All of us should make sure that our neighborhood leadership know about "Telling the Truth Kansas City" and "Not Ready For Prime Buzz" The problem is most Kansas City residents don't know the degree of th internal chaos and crookedness.

Anonymous said...

why hasnt anyone from the city brought forth this evidence of thte high ranking official and what dept does he reside over. and where is the ever present internal auditor at that works for wc

Anonymous said...

so how about telling the retired city employees who this mystery person is

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the investigation of the child molester