Friday, January 4, 2008

So Sad

Can it get any worse?

While Kansas City is in a titter over Funkhouser's prostate exam and Cauthen's career shenanigans, City Hall continues to rot.

Why is no one talking about the $4 billion combined sewer problem?

Why is no one asking what happened to the Perfect Output audit?

Why is no one asking what happened with the CIMO audit?

Why is there no follow up to the computer pornography mess? Does any one believe that it only involves one person?

Why is no one talking about the budget shortfalls? Kansas City is sliding toward bankruptcy very quickly.

What happened to the number two guy in Purchasing? What is going on with the Director?

Has there been an interim named for Water yet? Why not?

Don't we need a Finance Director?

Does no one notice that morale at City Hall has never been lower? Why did Cauthen ditch the Employee Satisfaction Survey?


Anonymous said...

FYI - as of January 2, James Buckler is Acting Director for Water Services.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one asking about the illegal Red Bridge study contract?

Anonymous said...

Actually, as for everyday workings, you can take all the elected officials and most of the department heads away; city staff can do the job (better) without them. I can name a few fiscal managers that need to go, but there's also a few, who could manage the city out of its budget problems in a couple of years. But then, who would entertain so well? :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

guess wc wants to bury the cimo report. when the city offered the buy out and the retirees took it they sign agreement with the city not to work for them for 5 years. well that didnt last wc brought back city retirees and paided them the same or more for working with cimo, so what it comes down to is that wc can do whatever he wants. im hoping austin takes him

Anonymous said...

Austin news....

I finally agree with Chuck Eddy on something, that Cauthen is " individual to help take you to the next level."

We'll detail what that "next level" is when the ink is dry on an Austin contract.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't the appointments to the Fairness Board been done by Gloria?

Why is the Fairness Board which has such a difficult and emotionally charged job not televised?

They have as much power as the Parks Board over some aspects of contracting.