Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moving On to CIMO

I know that this will a huge surprise to all you loyal Cauthen fans, but Cauthen is stalling on the CIMO audit. He needs a couple of more weeks to respond to the audit. Maybe he has been busy or maybe he learned a little from his experience before the Finance and Audit Committee this week.

I would hope that he needs that time to add up all of the money that went down the Denver toilet on this one and provide an honest report to the Council and public. My guess is that he needs the time to figure out how he can shift the responsibility and throw staff to the wolves again.

The Falling Star already got Cauthen's press release that everything is coming up roses for CIMO but the dirt is in the details. I wish someone would ask for an audit of the CIMO RFP.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an audit of the Sprint Arena RFP/construction contract. Isn't there a state law that prohibits a governmental body from contracting with the same construction contractor that has performed the construction advisor services on the project?

Anonymous said...

The big question is - has Gottstein, Marcason & Sanders-Brooks learned anything from the last audit and started doing their homework, or are they still going to sit through the meeting like bumps on a log watching City staff get trampled while Wayne says, "not my fault." No questions from any of them. Had they not read the audit, did they not understand what they read, did they not ask questions of anyone who could explain it to them? Were they hoping that if they didn't talk at all it would simply go away? Did they not feel uncomfortable as staff with families to feed continually had their careers and futures dropped into the alligator pit?

Whatever the reason for their wretched display of inadequacy on the Finance Committee, they better get to work fast. They can't survive one more audit where they sit silently allowing corruption to reign supreme at City Hall.

Watch Marcason when she's with Riley, she giggles with him like a starstruck teenager whose swooning over the football hero.

I'm sick and disgusted and getting the word out well before the next election that we need to clean house at City Hall.

Hermann and Johnson - stand strong, the public and city staff are behind you and know that you are our only hope of any audit or dealings seeing the light of day!

Anonymous said...

Check this out:
Platte City administrator Keith Moody is out.

In a closed session Tuesday night, the Platte City Board of Aldermen terminated Moody in what Alderman Andy Stanton said was a 4-2 decision.

Stanton said he, as well as Aldermen Aaron Jung, Ron Stone and Kenneth Brown voted to dismiss Moody. Aldermen Marsha Clark and Todd Sloan voted against the measure, Stanton said.

“My reasoning was that I just flat out had too many complaints about him,” Stanton said. “Even in casual situations like at the grocery store, people would ask me when am I getting rid of Keith Moody.”

Funny how the liberal leadership south of the river rewards boorsh, rude, and abrasive behavior--in fact encourages it--while us normal folks send mean people on their way. Too bad you have the gals of the politburo representing you Jackson County citizens.