Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Drop Dead Ed!

Ed Ford has now determined that he and his minions will limit Bill Skaggs' access to council meetings where the court action concerning Cauthen's contract is discussed. Skaggs is not suing his fellow councilmembers. He has challenged an ordinance that he believes is in violation of the charter. There shouldn't be any nitty gritty details. Wasn't Skaggs elected? How about the other three that voted against the ordinance to hire Cauthen, is Ed Ford keeping them out too? Ed and his brainless minions think they have taken over the City.

Who gets to know the nitty gritty details of the cost of the attorneys hired by Ed Ford? I understand that they want approval for over $100,000! Jack Campbell's firm (Shughart, Thompson) also has a conflict of interest that has to be waived by the council or he can't represent Ed Ford and his minions. It sure seems strange that Ed Ford and Cathy Jolly, attorneys, couldn't find any one to represent them pro bono. Maybe it is because they have no case. Skaggs didn't seem to have any trouble finding a highly reputable attorney, without a conflict of interest.


Anonymous said...

this lawsuit is a question of fact not a question of law. $100,000 to defend this is ridiculous and campbell is raping the city. This case is asking for a motion for summary judgment and a ruling, short and sweet. $20,000. or less.

Anonymous said...

That was a stupid comment. You apply the law on the basis of fact. IMO, the charter is ambiguous. I wouldn't be surprised if the court orders the city to clarify its charter.
Now that raises an interesting point. Would either side make an argument on the basis of state statute and/or case law?

I look at this from the other side. The city is paying $100,000 to satisfy Funkhouser's ego.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff at the NRFPB today. (GPS, if you're reading this, your site won't allow additional anonymous posts tonight.) ZZZZ8888's post was especially informative as well as GPS's Glorioso insights.

I want to thank all the contributors at NRFPB and TTTKC for the enlightening content in your posts. With KC's public relying on 4 TV outlets and the Falling Star for local "news", we're typically only getting the low-hanging fruit of a story. And with Cauthen, we're mostly fed his carefully crafted "press releases" that are repackaged, verbatim, under a catchy headline with one of the Star's crack reporters taking credit.

I think most of us in the public sector know intuitively that there are powerful players controlling the strings of many political figures as we watch from the sidelines. We can only guess at who their mostly anonymous allies are. I appreciate it when contributors share such information, giving us novices a glimpse into the real power behind the politicians.

Keep up the good work.