Sunday, January 27, 2008

Leave it to Funkhouser!

This week on Leave it to Funkhouser….

Mike Burke and Tim Kristl decide to play a trick on their ol’ pal Funk. And why wouldn’t they?

-both were working the phones and Burke was keeping post in the Council’s chambers during Infamous Thursday.
-both are developer attorneys that supported Al Brooks.
-both are on the board of the Citizens Association (there was a draft “position paper” from the Citizens Association floating around City Hall regarding Cauthen.)
-both are self-anointed “Northland Leaders.”
-both just got snubbed by Funkhouser (Kristl didn’t get his $1 million subsidy for Liberty Memorial from the Parks Board and Burke didn’t get the GSA for his client, the Port Authority, which means his firm won’t get $$$ in legal fees).

And if that doesn’t make for good TV, how about the newspaper?

The Thursday (12/27) Falling Star editorial (“Council members must explain decisions”) states, “That’s causing some (Northland) leaders to worry that breakaway votes on important issues will cause the region to appear politically isolated from the rest of the city.” Really? Could these so-called “Northland leaders” be, perhaps, Burke and Kristl up to business-as-usual?

It’s not that the Falling Star needs any outside encouragement to support Cauthen from any pretend leaders, North or South….it is already on the bandwagon:

-Dave Helling put in a Sunshine request for the e-mails with LT’s porn and they were given to him on Tuesday, 12/18, but his story on it is “held” for 10 days until the Falling Star is scooped by Mahoney.
-Last I heard, diverting public funds for personal use is a FELONY in Missouri. So the Pitch writes the article on Travelgate, but nothing from the Falling Star? (Even worse, the Council says, “It’s OK that Wayne did it, we do it too!”)
-And oh, by the way, if anyone from the Falling Star is reading this, everyone at City Hall knows you got the dirt on MWH and CIMO and are censoring that story too.
Which brings us to this episode’s typical conclusion, Just who is pulling Eddie “Haskell” Ford’s strings? Could it be Pat Gray?

Gray has been hungry since Kay Barnes left office. I hear her campaign for Congress isn’t using him because the D.C. Democrats said, “Go ahead and use Gray but you won’t get a dime from us.” Is working out of your home not fun?)

Just who used Gray this last election? Seven of the Nasty Nine…that’s who: Ford, Jolly, Marcason, Riley, Curls, Sharp, & Gottstein.

“Gee Wally, that's swell!”

Thanks for joining us! Tune in next week for another episode of Leave it to Funkhouser!


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Anonymous said...

Great Episode! Might be good to note that when people blame bad TIFs for the problem with Renaissance North, they might want to know that Burke was the attorney for that developer - big surprise here - he took every penny the TIF allowed and then dropped the developer like a bad date. He also was the attorney for the building debacle of N Brighton - you remember that stretch near Dickinson theater up to 152 Hwy. That took forever and a day to finish. Again, he took all the money that was available and then again, dropped it like he'd just been touched by a leper. The City had to do some fast work to get that project done. And before you pick on the current Northland Council - the Renaissance TIF was a done deal before they came on board...except for Ed Ford, guess he would've been around in those days ...hmmm...

Burke & Kristl have become bad actors. There was a time I liked them both. Now, they've just shown a dark side that I don't like very much. Don't let Citizens or Forward KC determine your vote. Yes, they sometimes back good people, but decide for yourselves, don't just follow the ballot they provide.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget another 2 key "cash cows" they gave us. The TIF for the bankrupt Farmland building which the City ended up buying for a third of the cost and the N Oak and Vivion TIF which hinders Antioch and required no incentives to develop a site that was on the intersection of 4 lane roads. They did give us in the hood $1,000,000 of buyout money to support it though. They kept the other $10,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Following the developers is so time consuming. They have such dodgy ways. Although I understand the infamous nine were absolutely wrong to keep Cauthen, the mayors really stepped in it. I will take a stand on Ed Ford. I still support him. If what this blog says is real, then I have some troubling questions.
Thanks for the the info. Those of us outside of City Hall really have to dig hard to get to the truth.

Anonymous said...

i need to havve this checked out i was told that tonys kc blog was the only one that is block from city hall. i find that hard to believe but was told that was what certain city employees is saying . can you check this out it being made like the city and mayor has it in for that blog.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Tony's KC was blocked at City Hall because of the pictures he uses. Don't know, just what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Retired employee,

TKC is porn. HELLO?

Anonymous said...

im trying to tell tonys mom that the city didnt pick on tonys blog because of her association with the hispanic coalition and that funk isnt blocking tonys blog.

Anonymous said...

TKC has been blocked for awhile. way before Christmas. It started when TKC stuck the daughter with the moniker Tara the Tart. Free, open discussion when "she who shall be obeyed" is doing ALL of the talking.
Sure, the name is silly and rude. So is the crap from squits mouth.

Anonymous said...

Tony's blog has been blocked at city hall for months.
Mr. Funkhouser is not so fond of the 1st amendment.

Anonymous said...

Queen Kay block TKC before Lurch did. She wasn't the only Mayor who whined when attacked.

Anonymous said...

The Funk does not decide what is blocked, WC puts that order in to his CIO for the County and City of Denver, oh I mean KC.

Anonymous said...

well tony and his mom claim thats because rita and tony is against the funk. but come to think about it former mayor did block some sites that were consider porn which showed pics of girls in bikinis. its funny how they think that they are that important to be blocked out. and this recall is a joke when you have people that strings is being pulled by someone else. im betting that former mayor kay has her hands in this in some way