Saturday, January 19, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again?

Interesting post here from Concerned Taxpayer. This info checks out with the Falling Star. In fact, this was so bad that the FBI requested reinforcements for the KC Corruption Squad! You can look it up their archives. I know, it stinks you have to pay for old articles. Apparently their reporters have to pay to access the archives too. Otherwise, I am sure Lynn Horsley would have done the appropriate research and reported on this important and newsworthy connection.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on meIn light of recent comments made about Perfect Output and ties to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City scandal in the mid nineties. I found my self intrigued, especially since I am in the document management biz and a KCMO taxpayer. Perfect output is owned by the infamous John Walker, who at one time was the #2 exec at BCBSKC. During Mr. Walkers stint at BCBSKC he was accused in a grand jury testimony of, well I will let former city councilmen Jeanne Robinson explain that one to you. Robinson comments:On Tuesday, Robinson provided extensive detail about how Anderson periodically handed her thousands of dollars in cash. Anderson, a public relations consultant, had been hired by Blue Cross to help the insurance company win the city's $60 million health insurance contract. Wednesday, defense attorney J.R. Hobbs asked Robinson about her grand jury testimony earlier this year. Hobbs asked: ``Did you say Elbert Anderson indicated to you that Blue Cross and Blue Shield knew he was paying you? '' Robinson answered: ``He let me know that Mr. (John) Walker would see that I would get paid. '' Walker was an executive vice president at Blue Cross who hired Anderson as a marketing consultant. Earlier testimony indicated that Blue Cross paid Anderson more than $290,000 in consulting fees between 1992 and 1994. ``I was in a meeting in Mr. Walker's office,'' Robinson said. ``At that time, Mr. Anderson let him (Walker) know there were some funds that I needed. He (Walker) said, 'Have Ms. (Michelle) Lathan give the invoice to Blue Cross and Blue Shield,' and he would take care of it. The conversation occurred in his office. '' Michelle Lathan was Anderson's top assistant and has pleaded guilty to bribing Robinson. Sited (The Kansas City Star, Page A1, Sept 18, 1997)Not only was he lying to you then but he is lying to you now. Ricoh is the #1 copier manufacture in the World. They have been the industry leader in Japan for years and are now sweeping across the US. I would be interested to know what services Perfect Output would employ that would cost the city 9 million more dollars or over 300% MORE THAN THE LOWEST BID! Copiers are Copiers they all basically do the same thing, take a picture of an image and print it out. My best guess is the extra services are going to be used to pad the pockets of councilmen, city officials, and Mr. Walker himself. Posted by: Concerner Taxpayer January 16, 2007 at 01:14 PM


Anonymous said...

Some of these people served federal prison time for their roles in this and other abuses of taxpayer monies. They "paid their debt to society". Should there be an ordinance that prevents someone from doing business with the city ever again if they are convicted of fraud? Should it also include the School District and County? On the other hand - if they have served their time, and the sentencing judge did not spell it out in the sentence (that they be prohibited from doing that type of business), is it acceptable? What about other types of business - is it okay? I am curious to know what you all think.

Anonymous said...

They can only participate if they have a well known partner who hasn't been convicted who would be the principle. (IMO)

Anonymous said...

If Funk wants the PD to HIRE them as police officers, why not do business with them.

I had hope for Funk to straighten this out, but now there is none.

Fire Cauthen.

Recall Funkhouser.

Do backgrounds on ALL managers hired since Wayne came on board and get rid of those that lied about their credentials, didn't have to lie and just don't have any, and those that should have never been hired in the first place.

By then the real leaders, already working in the city, will have revealed themselves and can be plugged in appropriately.

They BOTH need to go.

Anonymous said...

My memory can be faulty, but I remember when D. Jeanne Robinson introduced a young man as her "protege" How far is he going to follow in her footsteps?
Yes the Ghosts of Bad Deals Past keep swirling around City Hall.

Anonymous said...


Looks like J Robinson taught him everything she "lurned".

Anonymous said...

And to think nine councilmembers want to continue this as business as usual.

One third of the council was indicted and convicted of corruption charges in the 90's. It'll be two thirds this time around. What a dirty bunch!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Finance and Audit committee meeting today. I am wondering why Jan Marcason is so very weak. According to the latest "RFP Audit" city staff and one unnamed sitting council member MAY have interfered with the bidding process. Our poorly performing elected official wanted to get past the audit and "move forward" Huh?? Perfect Output was also on the hot seat. Their attorney Janet Blauvelt (SP?) was nearly in tears trying to distance her clients from this money mess. This very same attorney once ran for 4th district. Man we dodged that bullet.... only to be shot at by Marcason. Sure I can throw Gottstein in the mix, but she looks so mentally fragile I can't do it. At the Infrastructure committee Marcason again showed how ridiculous she is by saying that she would feel uneasy to sit on a proposal selection committee. She would not want her name ending up in an audit. What??? Dealing with contracts is the bulk of a council member's work. If you are uneasy doing your job then resign today. I do not think that the auditors report will be forwarded to the Missouri Ethic's Commission. I do not see a majority of the council having the sense to do so. This is not a hard decision to make. The auditors office is standing by it's work. It will take an average citizen to do the work of these weak kneed blathers. Meanwhile, we continue to try to build alliances with our surrounding cities. Why should they join us in anything regional when we refuse to clean up our messes?

from PrimeBuzz

Anonymous said...

2:41 - AMEN to that!! I spend a lot of time at night watching the meetings that are on the KCMO web and Jan's mantra seems to be "I'm confused." I wish she would either get un-confused or get off the council! Now, I did watch today and while she didn't say she was confused, she seemed desperate to sweep the audit being discussed under the rug - "let's just move forward..." Well - I don't know how you move forward if you aren't fully aware of what was behind you! My kids always want to just move forward when they've misbehaved, but I like to bring the naughty deeds to the forefront first and since a lot of our council spend their time acting like naughty children, well then, I have the need to treat them the same way. Also, you were right about the attorney - Blauvelt(sp?) - I think her whole point was something to the effect of, yeah, this was really awful, but let us have the contract anyway. Okey dokey, that's good gov't, it's crummy but o.k., you can have the contract! What a bunch of clowns!

Anonymous said...

The two meetings sited above were informative to the public. We elected a strange council. One that is unwilling to be strong in the face of possible fiscal malfeasance. And I like the way Riley tried to bait the chair into a verbal brawl. Hermann seems to be standing nearly alone. Shame on Jan, Gottstein and Jolly for acting VERY weak. If it is too messy they want no part of it. What in the world did they think they were getting into? A tea party were everyone tells them how smart they are? Save that for the development attorneys, ladies. Time to get real or go home. This audit needs to be moved to the Missouri Ethics commission.

And where is the lauded "Red Flag" auditor?

Anonymous said...

Blauvelt ran in the 4th district. Marcuson and Gottstein elected in the 4th district. Don't suppose we're personal acquaintenances? friends? sorority sisters? More than a familiar constituant? It would make one uneasy in today's scenario, wouldn't it? But let's just move forward.