Friday, January 4, 2008

I am not buying

“They did approach me,” said Cauthen, who has been city manager of Kansas City since April 2003. “I did not pursue them.”

He said the application deadline for the Austin job expired on Nov. 30 and he had not applied. But he said Austin officials then read press accounts about the contract uproar in Kansas City, and he was contacted about interviewing for the position.

Come on! Cauthen has been looking for a job for at least two years. Do you really think Austin is watching his every move with baited breath?

Ed Ford and his minions have been shown to be the fools they really are.

Are you buying it?


Anonymous said...

Cauthen used KC and the council to make himself look good to Austin. He worked the ignorant newcomers to council like puppets and now they are going to look like the gigantic fools they are. Cauthen has played the council since the day he came to town. He obeyed Kay and thumbed his nose at the council the last four years, and they took it and gave him bonuses that were outrageous. I would love for him to land jobless after the ridiculous circus he has created in our city. All of his supporters now have egg on their face - now tell us who was "negotiating in good faith!"

Anonymous said...

I am very tired of Ed Ford taking the blame for this mess. I have known Ed for years and he is an honorable man. He has more knowledge and vision in his little finger than Funkhouser will ever have.

Wayne Cauthen has, however, made a huge fool out of Ed on this one. Even if all that Cauthen says is true, why didn't he tell Ed when Austin contacted him? Ed had certainly indicated interest in Cauthen's future plans to Cauthen. Cauthen knew that Ed had led the charge to help him keep his job and has endured a lot of criticism for his efforts. Yet, still, Cauthen was not honest and forthright with Ed.

Ed needs to dump him now. He is not a friend. He is not an honorable man.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:10 post.
The news from Austin will give people an excuse to walk away from him rather than come to him.
I thought it was curious that one of Funkhouser's quotes was that he could work with Cauthen. That's certainly not recent, is it?

Anonymous said...

Cauthen used us like penguins. He is a poser without morals. Ed Ford is a far better man than either Cauthen or Funkhouser. I know Ed is now trying to second guess last month. There is no way to do that. Let's all hope that Cauthen does move on as I thought he would and pray that Funkhouser doesn't try to move a close ally into that open seat. Like... Vickie?

Unknown said...

Everyone needs to send a letter of recommendation of Cauthen to the City of Austin. Let them know they're getting a great guy, we hate to lose him; we don't want to hold him back

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not Vickie; let me grab my wooden stake, garlic and a silver cross

Anonymous said...

I second the motion on Vickie N ...

Anonymous said...

Ed is running for mayor and has been since the day he walked in the door. He deserves what he gets. He is NOT an honorable man, he's an opportunist looking for ways to upstage the mayor. I'm no fan of Funkhouser, he has made a mess of the mayor's office, but I don't think he did it out of malice. Ed, on the other hand is working hard to make himself out to be the Leader of the Pack...he's a low man. He had a good four months to work more on the contract and instead coerced all the newbies into adopting a 3 1/2 year contract FROM THE FLOOR! Talk about open & transparent government - he's a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Most of the mess we're in was created before March, 2007. We cannot blame Funkhouser for that that existed May 1, 2007. He's not a slick politician which is what drew voters to him and gave him the victory last March. Yes, he's made some blunders, mostly because he lacks the thinking-processes of a politician that requires one to veer away from answering questions honestly and directly without first calculating "what's in it for me or for my cronies". I cannot and will not defend the Gloria gaffs.

What I want to highlight is the all-out organized assault from the losers in the mayor's race.

Clearly Barnes has headed up the assault. She wants her legacy to remain intact, as she painted it while still in the limelight. She doesn't want the light of day showing its many flaws. After all she is running for a US Congressional seat. She has nothing else to run on. She and her followers are very much responsible for what can only be described as dirty tricks.

As recent as December, she is still running some things in City Hall. She apparently negotiated the contract for the rodeo in the new arena, handed it to Cauthen with instruction to sign it. So much for keeping the dirt and manure in the west bottoms... Guess it resides in the glass bowl and in the west wing of the 29th floor, as well ;)

Steve Glorioso, a Barnes leftover, was revealed to be pushing anti-Funk propaganda to all the news outlets that would bite and, no doubt, he spends time at the blogs fueling fires. He's successfully brokered his sleaze services to 6 of the 9 council newbies and recycled used-to-bees. Glorioso is MR DIRTY TRICKS from way back. When are you going to fulfill the bet you lost and go back, permanently, to New Orleans, Steve?

Wayne Cauthen is no novice at political games and has played quite a few of them in his 4 1/2 years. And he's used his race card more than once by rallying blacks and Hispanics and their leftist organizations to be his alleged co-victims. His appointments are not beneath carrying out a dirty trick or two, too.

The leftist Hispanic organization La Raza "the race" has tried to blackmail their way into dictating mayoral decisions. Now they're trying to form a permanent alliance with the black population to strengthen and further their illegal immigration agenda. (Hello? Who is taking labor jobs away from us?)

Developers... doing what developers do best... whatever it take to keep the hog troughs full... full of our hard earned tax dollars. The something for nothing rich. They'll align with anyone, anytime, as long as they can get our something for their nothing. What ever happened to free enterprise? They've focused on the "free" and forgotten about the "enterprise" part. They knew the Barnes regime stood for "free" and that Funkhouser wanted to put a stop to it.

The Falling Star has contributed as much to our City's mess by their omission as by their commission. They are dependent on this City's citizens for their livelihood. I hope they wake up soon and act as watchdog instead of hired attack dog.

As for the friends of Ed Ford, Ford used his "experience" as a lawyer and former councilman to lead the coup on City Hall in anticipation of ousting or succeeding Funkhouser. I don't think he has shown superior knowledge or vision to anyone. He's a fool and we won't let the public forget should he announce plans for any future elective office.

And to the other 9 game players... many of you are career politicians. Why don't you get an honest job. Not one appointed to you because of your political connections, John. Learn what it's like to be a citizen paying those taxes from their hard-earned paychecks that you so frivolously fritter away. You could learn how to be a real public servant by being a real wage-earning citizen. Remember how you drew the lines early in Funkhouser's administration? So do we.

Funkhouser was duly elected by a majority of voters as our mayor, (the 9 fools were not), and he deserves the chance to accomplish his goals without the dirty tricksters' constant interference. What happened to the customary honeymoon? Stolen, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

2:11 your comments are right on target, especially the dirty tricks and posturing. Cauthen and his group have played this council and this city -- as a matter of fact, he has been overheard to call the Mayor a fool and to laugh at his political stupidity.
As to the use of the "race card". It has gone way beyond that. He has been heard to state that he will not permit any city position of division manager or higher to be filled with a white person! And we wonder why "race" is an issue in KC? Look who is promoting "minority superiority"; why do you think he negotiated bonuses for hiring only minorities in key city positions.